Discovering Who You Are

Fence-Sitter Edition!

A mini-course designed to help you define what it looks like to make a choice about whether or not to have children that is rooted in your understanding of who you are.

Explore what matters most to you as you consider your future in this online course designed to help you build awareness of the values and priorities that guide your kids or childfree choice!

On the Fence About Kids but Not Sure Where to Start?

I've got you covered! When you join me on this journey of self-discovery, you’ll get my one-of-a-kind strategies, guided exercises, and valuable insights that will help you uncover your authentic self and empower you to move forward. 

This self-paced mini-course is an essential tool for any woman who is yearning for a place to get started in approaching one of life's most difficult decisions. More than just a guide to understanding your kids or childfree choice, this course is a roadmap towards self-discovery and growth to propel you forward on the path of creating the most authentic life possible!

Say goodbye to those pesky self-doubts and lingering fears of regret... give yourself the tools to define what you want to prioritize as you consider your future.

Hi, I'm Jessica!

 I help women just like you decide whether they want to have kids or remain childfree!

When I was making my own kids or childfree choice, I was questioning who I was and all of my expectations about how I thought my life was going to turn out. Who was I? What did I want my life to look like? How would either choice impact that outcome? What decision would make me happiest?

It wasn’t just that I was worried about making a decision I would regret, it was that I couldn’t quite picture what my life would look like and what decision most aligned with what I wanted.

I know how hard it is to make this decision when there isn't a clear right choice. I want to empower you with the tools you need to make your kids or childfree choice in way that aligns with what matters most to you!

Here's everything you'll learn when you purchase my mini-course.

✨You'll understand why knowing yourself is an essential first step in making a kids or childfree choice that aligns for you!

👉You'll identify the values and priorities that you want to help guide you in this decision-making process.

😎You'll define what brings you fulfillment and creates meaning in your life so that you can make a decision that aligns with what matters most to you!

💥You'll explore where you want to invest your energy and resources as you consider your future, and whether a having kids or living childfree most aligns with your goals and dreams.

👀You'll give yourself an opportunity to understand the strengths and skills you have that can help drive you towards a future that authentically aligns with who you are!

🚀PLUS... as an added bonus you'll get two prompts designed to help you envision a future that includes parenthood or living childfree, so you can further understand how either choice aligns with what matters most!

Here's What's Included!

4 mini-modules (over 45 minutes of content!) packed with practical tips and tools to help you move past indecision and define what matters most to you!

Each module includes videos and workbook exercises to help you dig deeper into your decision-making process.

My videos are designed to get right to the point and help you understand what’s holding you back from the clarity you desire!

Your one-of-a-kind workbook provides you an opportunity to delve deeper into the course content  with 27 pages of thought-provoking promptsinteractive exercises, and personalized worksheets that will help you uncover your deepest truths and desires. 

The convenienteasy-to-use online format of this course allows you to go at a pace that feels best for you. No waitlists, no group calls to schedule around… this course is yours to use how and when you want to use it!

Right now this mini-course is yours for JUST $79.00 (USD).